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S e p t e m b e r 1 8 , 2 0 1 3                                               p a g e 1 3

KING WILLIAM - Suzanne Fisher is a

talented Pet Communicator who has

appeared as an entertainer at cat shows

from New Hampshire to Florida, and pet

expos in Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky,

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia,

and North Carolina. After travelling with

her late husband, Fisher has come home to

settle in her Aylett home and hopes to get

to know some local pets and barnyard


On a recent session, Fisher visited a local

farm where the animals had plenty to say.

Maddy shares a pasture with Victor the

llama, who came from a petting zoo that

got rid of him because he has too much

attitude. Goats, sheep, ducks, guinea hens

and Pleasant the large black cow live in

the pasture. Maddy says Pleasant thinks

she is in charge of the pasture because she

is larger and can bully the others. Victor

thinks he is in charge as he rules over the

goats and the fowl. But Maddy says it is

her pasture as she has been there longer

than any of them. “While I treasure my

time working with house pets, I also love


working with horses as they have such an

interesting view of the world.” Fisher

said. “Last fall I was really blessed to

work with 11 horses at a boarding stable

in Manquin.”

Fisher explains, the most unusual

creature she has worked with is an male

iguana. The only thing he was telling her

over and over was that he was horny. She

finally decided to convey that to his

person, and his person confirmed the

iguana had been acting depressed lately.

He left to find his iguana buddy a mate at

the pet expo where I met them.

Pet communicating is not only helpful but

fun and interesting, if you would like to

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Fisher & Pleasant the cow

Suzanne with Maddy the horse

TV and radio interviews are too numerous to include here, but are available if you have an interest in hearing them.