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Phone: 804-769-8012

Hours: M-F 10 AM—6 PM

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How Pet Communication Can Help



We can do many things in a Distance or an ‘In Person’

Pet Communication session:


I specialize in working with:

· Horses and other large animals,

· Cats,

· Dogs,

· Exotic Pets


Some people just want to know what their pet is thinking


I can also help with correcting behavioral problems such as:                  


                      - pets not eating or overeating,

                - pets relieving themselves in inappropriate places,

                - pet destroying furniture, and

                - pets biting or scratching their people

                - show horses not doing routines properly

                - horses biting at people

                - horses being unfriendly with other horses


Your pet or pastured creature can also tell me about physical problems


I can help with finding the origin of and correcting attitude problems


I can help you deal with end-of-life issues like determining when a pet is ready to transition


Sometimes when pets have transitioned, they can also tell me when and in in what form they will return to you (we are works in progress and they are angels in paws sent to guide us and help us along our journey).

Where pets and people

speak the same language!