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Lisa and Lola


We had a fantastic experience working with Suzanne.  She helped me understand details about my dogs health conditions.  She gave me a lot of insights on how Lola feels about noises and things that bother her!  She shared many things that Lola likes to do and what she wants more of (attention). She knew so many things about Lola and it was nice to hear what she is thinking ️ She gave me suggestions on what could help her tummy troubles from food to homeopathic medicine!  Even some calming treats that Lola really likes (and she is fussy)! 


I feel like Suzanne is a trusted advisor, and a lovely friend that I will continue to work with.  She is really amazing and has a special gift that can help pets communicate with their loved ones!


Lisa Curtis


Marti & Indy


My newest four footed love, Indy the Ragdoll, came to live with my son PJ, Mac (a 2 yr old Maine Coon), TC (a 4yr old Ragdoll) and me in early March 2007 at the age of 6 months.  I had promised my friend Denice that I would take Indy out into the world of Cat Shows and attempt to Grand him for her and her cattery Purrsonable Lapangels.  Indy and I attended our first show in Charlotte, Indy was in the kitten class and not sure he wanted to be there.  He had only been with us for 2 weeks, hid in the back of the show cage the entire weekend.  I was becoming a little frustrated since he was so loving and outgoing at home ... even chasing after the older boys, sometimes to their dislike. 


I was roaming the showhall and came upon Suzanne and Chuck Fisher in their Nature's Country Store booth.  Suzanne sensed that something was not quite right with me, we began to talk.  I told her of the frightened but wonderful Ragdoll kitten Indy.  She first sent Chuck to visit with him, then Suzanne came and sat with him for at least 15 minutes.  She talked with him, he communicated back to her.  Suzanne then took me aside and we discussed the conversation.


Suzanne could tell me of his past, his fears, and his need of a special toy he had left behind...a pink sparkle ball.  I was amazed, not sure I totally understood what had transpired but believed that she had actually communicated with the new boy.  When I got home on Sunday night I called my friend Denice to ask about a favorite toy of Indy's...yes, he ALWAYS played with a pink sparkle ball.  I became a firm believer in Suzanne's (and Chuck's) ability to communicate with our furry friends.


Just a bit more about Indy.  He is a very special boy, he came from a cattery that belongs to a very special lady who at the time I received him was very ill, almost at death's bed.  Indy had felt a need to care for her, she had to spend 6 weeks in the hospital, he was very young and confused as to his place, no one to care for him or he for her.  I appeared on the scene, took him to the hospital for a goodbye, brought him to Charlotte to live with strangers, gave him a show bath and expected him to perform for the judges within a period of two weeks.  What was I thinking?  Indy told Suzanne of his special sick person, his need to understand his purpose, and how frightened he was of all the unknown...


With all of this said, I have learned more from Suzanne and Indy.  Indy is a very, very special boy and reminds me of this each day.


Thank you Suzanne and Chuck for taking us under your wings, helping me understand this special boy and helping him through some very difficult times.  We are all much more understanding of one another, and your special abilities.


Indy and I send Hugs,

Marti Parr