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Tie (full name Power Tie, son of Bow Tie), and Suzanne at a Pet Expo in Dayton, Ohio in 2004 where the Llama Drill Team was a featured attraction.


Tie refused Suzanne’s offer of a hug, telling her he was busy working when she went through maneuvers with the Llama Drill Team.  However, when the Ringmaster ordered all participants to hug their llamas, Tie agreed, saying “If I have to!”

Meddler aka Meddy

With over 20 years of experience communicating with animals, Suzanne Fisher is excellent at helping you work out your problems with your beloved pets.

Whether you simply want to get to know your pet better or your pet has behavioral problems that need correcting, Suzanne can help.

“I work with all animals. Talking with animals as a pet communicator is one of the great joys in my life because it helps people and their beloved pets connect on a new level. I also enjoy helping people understand that what I do as a pet communicator is not unique, that we all have the capacity for doing it.

I first learned I could talk with animals when a chicken spoke to me at the State Fair in Virginia years ago . I stopped in my tracks and told my late husband he had better reserve a room for me at Eastern State Mental Hospital because a chicken had just spoken to me. He said he understood that some people had the gift of understanding animals and suggested that I see if any of the other chickens wanted to speak with me.

Being totally obnoxious with my newfound talent, I went down the row of chickens in cages trying to get them to speak with me. One of them got so frustrated with me he turned his tail feathers to me and we all know what that means, don’t we?!

Since developing my talent further I have been blessed to have gotten the opportunity to talk with a wide variety of animals, including a stink bug, a raccoon, an iguana, birds, goats, horses, dogs, cats, cows, and many more of this earth’s wondrous creatures.”

Suzanne’s pet communication skills helped save the life of a Maine Coon cat in North Carolina a few years ago. His neutering surgery had been done improperly and he was just shy of going septic when he was rushed to the vet after his session with Suzanne.

Suzanne believes we all have the capacity to hear what our beloved pets and the other creatures on this earth have to say to us, that we have only to open our hearts to be able to hear them. She loves teaching people to hear what their pets are saying to them. Take her Basics of Pet Communication Seminar to learn how you can develop your abilities.

Children especially find it fun and easy to learn pet communication. Yet we all can learn to communicate with our pets, enriching both our lives and theirs.

Suzanne is owned by 4 cats who leave her in no doubt that she is not at the top of the evolutionary ladder—they are (pictures below).

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