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About Your Pet

As a Pet Parent, what you need to know…


While animals of the same species (dogs, cats, iguanas, birds) have similar traits, they can be as varied in levels of intelligence, behavior, and personality as we humans are. For this reason, we need to let go of some of our expectations of their behavior and allow them to be exactly who they are.


Animals are Soul, just as we are, and they have the ability to connect with us in ways that transcend our limited capacity for communication. They know what we are thinking, what we are feeling, and what our intentions are. If you have any doubt of this, just plan a visit to the vet with your pet, and then try to find the pet who hates the vet. After a lot of time searching for your pet’s hiding place, call the vet and reschedule your appointment.


While our pets know what we are thinking, and they understand every word we say, they do not always obey us. Because of this many people think that animals are dumb. They aren’t. They are merely exercising a limited amount of self control, or being stubborn, or choosing to do things in their own time and in their own way.


Pets as well as humans enjoy being autonomous. While many of them love to please us, they also want to be self-actualized individuals in charge of a certain amount of their own destiny.


We bring pets into our lives to teach us about love, Divine Love. Given the opportunity, they will share infinite amounts of love with us. This love is not conditioned upon what we own, our fame or our fortune. This love is just there for us, just as Divine Love is there for us if we allow it to be in our lives.


Our pets can and will, if we allow them, show us the better part of ourselves. They will teach us to appreciate ourselves in new ways. If we are broken, they will love us into wholeness. If we are hurting, they will soothe us. If our hearts are heavy, they will comfort us.


While the intelligence our pets have differs from ours, they are still very intelligent. Never doubt that, and be sure to give your beloved pet the respect as a sentient being that he or she deserves.

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