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Pet Funerals

Where pets and people

speak the same language!


Suzanne Fisher is an interfaith minister ordained in the order of the Sanctuary of the Beloved, Order of Melchizedek.


“I offer healing pet funerals so that you can say good-bye to your beloved pets after they cross over the Rainbow Bridge.”


Funerals are available in Virginia and Maryland. Outside of the Central Virginia area, travel expenses will apply.



 If you have lost a beloved pet friend, take heart, he or she will return to you if you are open to it.


We are works in progress; they are angels in paws.

They are sent to us to teach us about love, how to open our hearts to God’s love,

and how to let that love flow from us to others.




This is how I learned they come back to us….


When my late husband Chuck and I met I had a teacup poodle named Mitzi. Every time he tried to kiss me we had dog lips in between us. Then she fell in love with him and no more dog lips mixed in with his kisses.


Mitzi loved those little balls that bounce really high. She would get one of them, put it under something and whine until I got it out for her.  When I was an investigator for the State, Mitzi traveled with me to my assignments throughout the state of Virginia. She had a habit of putting one of those little balls under something Monday morning as I was loading the car to head to our assignment and whining for me to get it out.


I had no time to do that, so when we returned on Friday she always headed for the spot where she had left her ball and began whining for me to get it. Being a fairly well trained pet parent, I always did get the ball for her.


Mitzi had a very delicate stomach, and was on baby food mixed with prescription dog food. One morning after Chuck and I had been married a couple of years she vomited blood. I took her to the vet on the way to work and dropped her off, having no idea she would translate (cross over), but she did. We were devastated.


Almost a year after Mitzi translated, Chuck called me one Friday afternoon and told me he had taken the afternoon off. I said “Great” and he told me he had gone to the mall and into the pet store. I said “tell me more” and he told me he had gone into the pet store and had seen a kitten that he knew had to come home with him. He didn’t know why, he just knew she belonged wth us. (Chuck later came into his own pet communicator abilities, and he was a wonderful one!)


As soon as the kitten became acclimated to our home, she began getting the little bouncy balls Mitzi had so loved, putting them under something, and whining for me to get them out. Ginger (as she was named) was with us for 13 years before she translated.


A year or so later after Ginger had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, I was vacuuming one Saturday morning and I heard a voice say “Suzanne come get me!” I blew it off and continued vacuuming. Then I heard a strident “Suzanne come get me!!!” and was flashed a picture of the old PetSmart on West Broad Street in Richmond. I put the vacuum away, got dressed and went out there.


Henrico Humane had their cats at PetSmart that day. I talked with all of them, not knowing who had called me, until I rounded the corner and saw a little ball of gray fluff shiver-shaking in a litter box in a cage. I took her home, and as soon as she became comfortable in our home, she began getting the bouncy balls, putting them under something and whining until I got them out.


It took all that to teach me that our beloved furry friends do return to us over and over if we are open to it.





If your beloved pet friend has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and you want to honor her or him with a service, I am available.


Funeral services are $100 for a half hour grave-side or urn-side service including interment or spreading of ashes. 


Travel expenses outside of the Central Virginia area vary, depending on whether an overnight stay is necessary. Please contact me for the expense amount for your location.


Funeral services are accompanied by a framed memento of the service.


Beautiful urns, some of which have a section for a picture of your loved one, are available through Nature’s Country Store.


Please contact Reverend Suzanne Fisher to arrange your pet’s funeral service:

804-769-8012 or via email.