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Pet Lovers Contest

Pet Lovers Contest Logo

Welcome to our 2017 Pet Lovers Contest!!

Contest Rules:

One entry per person per day.

Then Pin It, Tweet It, Google+ It, and Facebook it to all your pet loving friends - not a requirement, but they will thank you and so will we!

Contest ends June 30, 2017.

First Prize: Austin Air Pet Machine - Enter

Pet Lovers Contest Logo

Click here for more information on the Pet Machine!

Second Prize: KittyWalk Sports Stroller in Pink - Enter

KittyWalk Sports Stroller

(While the picture shows the KittyWalk Sports Stroller in Blue, Second Prize is a Pink one.)

Click here for more information on KittyWalk Strollers.

Third Prize: A Fluppi - doesn't everybody need one?  Enter


Use it to quickly clean up crumbs left by your pet, pet hair, and litter.

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