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Friends of Nature's Country Store

Friends of Nature's Country Store:

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Jennifer Unlimited

Wonderful cat art, buttons, and more!

Zin's Red Light Room Trilogy by Pat Brown

Welcome to Planet Waybei, home of Zin Land, a utopian republic ruled by women.

While the women of Zin Land dominate their providential society, men are enslaved as Pleasure Males in the government-run Red Light Rooms or worked to death in the fields and mines beyond the city walls.

But when a field hand escapes across the Great Desert and raises an army to challenge the monolithic power of the Zin Corporation, itís up to Alice, a rising star in the council government, to defend her country. To defeat Kwanís army, Zin society must evolveóbut can Alice change her world in time to save her people, or will Kwanís horde make slaves of them all?

The first installment of Pat Brownís Waybei epic, Zinís Red Light Room is at once social commentary and science-fiction opera, a novel that turns the tables on gender and society, inverts traditional power dynamics, and asks the question, Can utopia truly exist? If so, at what cost?
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