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Aireox Model 22-D Car Air Purifier

Aireox Model 22-D Car Air Purifier

Aireox just notified us that there was an error with the construction of their 45 and 22 units. They will be out of units until the first of the year. Options for you if you want this wonderful unit include:

Go ahead and place your order so you get on the waiting list.

Check out this alternative from Austin Air – the Austin Air Allergy Machine Junior with true HEPA filtration.

 ***Replacement filters are still available.***

The Aireox Model 22-D Car Air Purifier's capabilities:

  • Full spectrum (removes gases and particles)

  • Quiet 2-speed operation

  • Metal with baked white enamel finish using non-toxic zero out-gasing paint.

  • Heavy duty blower with sealed internal motor for safe trouble-free operation.

  • Two (2) plus pounds of our broad spectrum carbon/purafil chemical control media.

  • Half micron (.5) particle filter.

  • 75 cfm air re-circulation rate

  • 100% filtration no bypassed air.

  • Stands 6 inches high by 10 inches in diameter.

  • Handle for easy transport, to go where you go.

  • Sealant and adhesive free filters.

  • Power consumption is only 2 amps, easy on your car battery

Aireox recommends their Purafil/Carbon “PC” mixture that’s in our Model D Unit when dealing with aggressive chemicals/gases, like formaldehyde in homes or polyvinyl chlorides in automobiles. Purafil is made from potassium permanganate. It works in a different manner than carbon.  Harmful contaminant gases such as Formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide are actually oxidized and are trapped within the pellet. This Product is generally not used as a sole media. Aireox has researched and found that mixing Purafil and carbon is more effective.


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