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Aireox Model 45-B Coconut Shell Carbon Room Air Purifier

Aireox Model 45-B Coconut Shell Carbon Room Air Purifier

  The 45-D's capabilities:

  • Full spectrum (removes gases and particles)
  • Quiet 2-speed operation (can be used in the bedroom)
  • Metal with baked white enamel finish using non-toxic zero out-gasing paint.
  • Compact and portable, use in any room desired.
  • Heavy duty blower with sealed internal motor for safe trouble-free operation.
  • Four (4) plus pounds of our broad spectrum carbon/purifil chemical control media.
  • Particle filter is .3 microns.
  • 125 cfm air re-circulation rate
  • 100% filtration no bypassed air.
  • Floor or table placement
  • Stands 14 inches high by 10 inches in diameter.
  • Handle for easy transport, to go where you go.
  • Sealant and adhesive free filters.
  • Power consumption is less than a 75 watt light bulb.

Coconut shell carbon comes from high quality coconut and is more environmentally friendly or green.  The coconut tree produces coconuts three times a year and the tree is not killed to harvest the coconut shells; therefore they are a renewable resource.The coconut shell activated carbon has a higher micropore volume but less mesopores and macropores which means, it has a much higher capacity to absorb small molecules such as volatile organic chemicals (VOC). A macropore has a diameter of more than 50 nm - A mesopore has a diameter of 2 nm - 50 nm and a micropore has a diameter of less than 2 nm.

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