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Aireox Model 45-B Bituminous Carbon Room Air Purifier

Aireox Model 45-B Bituminous Carbon Room Air Purifier
Aireox is temporarily out of stock on this air purifier due to supply chain problems with materials for the external housing but hopes to have this air purifier available in mid to late November.

We can take your order and hold it until Aireox advises us they have the parts to make this unit again.

The 45's capabilities:

  • Full spectrum (removes gases and particles)

  • Quiet 2-speed operation (can be used in the bedroom)

  • Metal with baked white enamel finish using non-toxic zero out-gasing paint.

  • Compact and portable, use in any room desired.

  • Heavy duty blower with sealed internal motor for safe trouble-free operation.

  • Four (4) plus pounds of our broad spectrum carbon/purifil chemical control media.

  • Particle filter is .3 microns.

  • 125 cfm air re-circulation rate

  • 100% filtration no bypassed air.

  • Floor or table placement

  • Stands 14 inches high by 10 inches in diameter.

  • Handle for easy transport, to go where you go.

  • Sealant and adhesive free filters.

  • Power consumption is less than a 75 watt light bulb.

Bituminous carbon is a coal based carbon. It is black or dark brown, often with well-defined bands of bright and dull material. It has a lower micropore volume level but the mesopores and macropores are higher which means it has a wider range to absorb molecules from small to medium making the life of the carbon shorter.  It is also used by our customers who may have a sensitivity to Coconut shell carbon. A macropore has a diameter of more than 50 nm - A mesopore has a diameter of 2nm - 50nm and a micropore has a diameter of less than 2 nm.

Aireox is currently having difficulty getting parts to make the air filters. They hope to have the parts in mid to late November.You can place an order if you like and we will hold it until the units are once again available.
Retail: $355.95
On Sale: $304.95
You Save: 15%

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