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Backjoy Core Back Orthotic

The secret to BackJoy’s success is its ability to maintain proper, natural, and balanced spinal alignment - all while letting your pelvis move freely. With all other chairs, cushions, and sitting device your pelvis will be locked down under your body weight when you sit and unable to move. That is sitting as we know it.

When you sit on a BackJoy you will experience improved posture, automatically, just like your mom always told you to do- but you won’t have to think about it. You will feel your spinal system float over the seat in a natural cradle of comfort. Your core muscles will engage for the first time while you sit allowing your back to work the way it was designed, without the pressures and strains that sitting causes. Your diaphragm will be up and open so you can breathe better and feel refreshed even after long hours of sitting.

Try sitting on a BackJoy as soon as possible to experience a much better way to sit! It's as easy as 1-2-3; Sit, Snug, & Skootch! There are no straps or buckles.

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Backjoy Core Back Orthotic

BackJoy is a revolutionary and completely portable sitting device that prevents back pain from occurring when you sit, so you can finally sit comfortably, anywhere.

Retail: $39.99
On Sale: $37.99
You Save: 6%
Stock Info: 50 In Stock

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