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Life Quotes

Life Quotes
Life Quotes
Life Quotes
Life Quotes
Life Quotes
Life Quotes
Life Quotes
Life Quotes
Life Quotes
Life Quotes is a beautiful and inspiring e-book treasure!

With 30 wonderful quotes, you have a month's worth of inspirational points to ponder on the following subjects.
  • Adversity
  • Anger
  • Answers
  • Attitudes
  • Becoming
  • Breathe
  • Bronzed Me
  • Challenges
  • Choices
  • Choose Love
  • Difference
  • Ego
  • Feeling Feelings
  • Forgiveness
  • Godís Light
  • Good to Ourselves (being)
  • I Canít
  • KSAs (knowledge, skills and abilities)
  • Life Lessons
  • Look Within
  • Love Yourself
  • Overwhelmed
  • Problems
  • Reality
  • Respect Others
  • Responsibility
  • Silence
  • Soul
  • Speaking with Love
  • Who are You?
See the sample quotes above.

Life Quotes is great as a monthly reminder or as a gift. It can be downloaded or sent on a DVD.

Available in:
  • a downloadable .EXE file that runs on any device (no viruses - we promise!)
  • an HTML file that is perfect for mobile devices
  • an MP4 Video that fills the screen with the beauty of the book
  • an ePub book for Nook readers
  • a Kindle version
  • a PDF file
  • a CD that we send to you
Sample EXE book - learn about us
  • Click on the 'Life Quotes' phrase under the images
  • Download the e-book entitled 'Nature's Country Store.exe
  • Click to open it
  • When your computer says you should not open it, click on 'More info'
  • Then click to allow the book to open
  • There are no viruses that could harm your computer in it, we promise!

Retail: $15.99
On Sale: $12.99
You Save: 19%
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