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Aditi 1 Magnetic Energy Power Bracelet

Aditi 1 Magnetic Energy Power Bracelet

The Aditi 1 Power Bracelet is a true embodiment of a real power-house, with 4-in-1: Negative Ions - Magnets - Germanium - Far Infrared Ray

Imagine Aditi watching over you as you energize your body with this handsome Aditi 1 Power Bracelet.

See Tabs below for information on the various aspects of this power-packed bracelet. It is great for athletes and non-athletes alike. It is adjustable to fit most wrists.

In Hindu culture, Ma, or Aditi, is the cosmic womb that gives birth to all there is. As Ma, Aditi creates objects in time (Past, Present and Future) but Aditi also creates objects in space (north, south, east and west). Not only is the divine mother linear time, she also governs the directions of space. As Ma, Aditi creates the space that is created for the coming into being of all things and is the space within the heart where the whole universe is contained.

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