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Pet Gear Octagonal Medium Pet Pen With Removable Top

Safety Tips for using Pet Pens outside:
  • Not intended to be used as a restraining device for aggressive or dangerous animals that dig, chew or paw aggressively.

  • Do not leave your pet unattended.

  • Do not use near an open or exposed flame.

  • Never use plastic bags or other plastic film in the bottom of the pen as they can cause suffocation.

  • Remove collar and leashes while using this product. The Pet Pen is for playing or sleeping.

  • When used for playing, never leave pet unattended and always keep pet in view.

  • When used for sleeping, you must still provide the supervision necessary for the continued safety of your pet.

  • Always keep the Pet Pen away from hazards in the area that may injure your pet.

  • DO NOT leave pet in product for prolonged periods of time.

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