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Aurora Mattress

Aurora Mattress
Aurora Mattress
Aurora Mattress

The Natural Aurora Mattress is comprised of a unique independently wrap pocket coil innerspring that allows for an independent motion of each coil, allowing the coils to adjust and conform  individually to different body shapes. 

The innersprings are covered on each side with  2" of 100% pure natural latex.  The latex provides softness while the innerspring gives  support to the body. 

The entire mattress is covered with organic cotton and Pure Grow WoolTM quilted to an organic cotton cover.

The organic cotton has no pesticides, defoliants or mineral oils. The wool in the mattress is naturally flame resistant. The mattress meets California state and federal fire codes, but has not been treated with chemical fire retardants.

The 1000 coil on coil boxspring is recommended as the best support for this mattress.  Also available for this mattress is the slat frame foundation.

Slat Frame Foundation:

The slats of this adjustable slat foundation (see picture) are made of laminated birch wood, which is left uncovered so that personal adjustments can be made. These slats make it possible to adjust the support level (softer to more rigid) to better support the body's personal preference of firmness. The sides of the foundation are covered, so the foundation appears to be a regular box spring from all sides.


Aurora Mattress Prices:

$  1,690.99   Twin Mattress (38" x 74")

$  2,335.99   Twin Mattress & Coil on Coil Boxspring 

$  2,245,.99  Twin XL Mattress (38 x 80")

$  3,030..99  Twin XL Mattress & Coil on Coil Boxspring

$  2,330.99   Full Size Mattress (54" x 74")

$  3,295.99   Full Size Mattress & Coil on Coil Boxspring

$  2,545.99   Queen Size Mattress (60" x 80")

$  3,520.99   Queen Size Mattress & Coil on Coil Boxspring

$  3,320.99   Eastern King Size Mattress (76" x 80")

$  4,484.99   Eastern King Size Mattress & Coil on Coil Boxspring

$  3,320.99   California King Size Mattress (72" x 84")

$  4,519.99   California King Size Mattress & Coil on Coil Boxspring

Aurora Mattress on Slat Frame Foundation:

$  2,260.99   Twin Mattress on Slat Frame

$  2,845..99  Twin XL Mattress on Slat Frame

$  3,080.99   Full Size Mattress on Slat Frame

$  3,425.99   Queen Size Mattress on Slat Frame

$  4,460.99   Eastern King Size Mattress on Slat Frame

$  4,495.99   California King Size Mattress on Slat Frame

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