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Pure Grow Wool (TM) - Filled Pillows

Pure Grow Wool (TM) - Filled Pillows

Wool is the ideal natural stuffing material for a pillow.  It is soft, yet supportive, and springy enough to keep its shape.

Wool Pillows offer softness with enough support for both back and side sleepers. The added benefit of wool is that is provides a more comfortable sleeping companion all year long.

Our wool pillows are filled with 100% Pure Grow Wool™ for your ultimate sleeping comfort. The qualities of wool will provide you with your best night's sleep since it will provide the premium sleeping micro-environment. The organic cotton fabric cover is milled in USA or in Mexico with USA-grown organic cotton.

See more information on the Pure Grow Wool's environmentally, people-friendly program here.

Available in:

    $  64.99     Standard Lite Fill (20" x 25")
    $  67.99     Standard Med Fill (20" x 25")
    $  74.99     Standard Extra Fill (20" x 25")
    $  67.99     Queen Lite Fill (20" x 30")
    $  75.99     Queen Med Fill (20" x 30")
    $  78.99     Queen Extra Fill(20" x 30")
    $  78.99     King Lite Fill (20" x 36")
    $  85.99     King Med Fill(20" x 36")
    $  86.99     King Extra Fill (20" x 36")
    $  33.99     Boudoir/Travel (12.5" x 16")
    $  36.99     Neck Roll (with removable washable cover) (6" x 15")
    $  54.99     Throw (18" x 18")
    $  93.99     Euro (26" x 26")

The standard, queen and king size wool pillows are available in Lite (for the sensitive  spine), Medium and Extra fills .  All the other pillows are offered in a regular fill only.  These pillows are encased with organic cotton fabric. 
Our Price: $72.00
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