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Reveresse Hemp Mattress

Reveresse Hemp Mattress

Hemp is naturally mold and mildew resistant which makes our hemp mattresses very popular in humid  climates. 

Hemp is three times stronger than cotton and twice as resistant to abrasion, which makes it an ideal bedding material. 

The mattress is layered with hemp batting with borate powder (to make it  fire retardant*) and tufted to hemp fabric. 

The hemp fill gives our mattresses a much more dense, solid feeling than our other innerspring mattresses. 

This  mattress is manufactured in three firmness levels:

  • Firm (312 coil ct./full size)
  • Extra Firm (510 coil ct./full size)
  • Super Firm (1000 ct./full size)

Reveresse Mattress Prices:

$     974.99   Twin Mattress (38" x 74")

$  1,499.99   Twin Mattress & Boxspring

$  1,151.99   Twin XL Mattress (38 x 80")

$  1,784.99   Twin XL Mattress & Boxspring

$  1,329.99   Full Size Mattress (54" x 74")

$  2,101.99   Full Size Mattress & Boxspring

$  1,741.99   Queen Size Mattress (60" x 80")

$  2,666.99   Queen Size Mattress & Boxspring

$  2,000.99   Eastern King Size Mattress (76" x 80")

$  3,169.99   Eastern King Size Mattress & Boxspring

$  2,000.99   California King Size Mattress (72" x 84")

$  3,169.99   California King Size Mattress & Boxspring

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