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Whole Life Lamb Treats 1 oz. & 3.3 oz. for Dogs

Whole Life Lamb Treats 1 oz. & 3.3 oz. for Dogs
Lamb Stew Meat

Pure delectable cubes of lamb stew meat from leg and loin cuts, roasted, then freeze dried to perfection.

Whole Life's Lamb is USDA approved, farm-raised from Colorado. Itís shipped directly to us in Massachusetts where it is freeze dried to perfection. Lamb makes an ideal snack, recommended for dogs and often used in cases where there are food allergies and alternate protein sources are required.

Whole Life's lamb cubes are chopped and formed into precise uniform cubes-a necessary step in the freeze drying of lamb. Lamb has a higher fat content than most other meats which is very valuable for healthy skin and coat condition in dogs, but can be challenging to freeze dry.

Chopping the lamb meat up provides a uniform texture and even distribution of meat and fat which produces an amazing finished freeze dried lamb treat with incredible flavor, texture and aroma.

Freeze dried treats can be quickly rehydrated in warm water to produce a soft meaty texture ideal for older pets or those that have difficulty with hard treats.

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1 oz. Lamb Treats:

  • 1 oz. Lamb Treats for Dogs
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3.3 oz. Lamb Treats:

  • 3.3 oz. Lamb Treats for Dogs
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Whole Life Lamb Treats


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