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Weekly Message

Accepting Help


Have you ever thought about why you are here on Schoolhouse Earth at this particular time? We all chose this time to incarnate and we chose the experiences we would have before we incarnated. We chose specific experiences to help us grow into our purpose – to become Coworkers with God.


Before we entered Schoolhouse Earth, we formulated our lesson plans. We entered into agreements with other souls to create the experiences necessary for us to grow. Then we got here and forgot what the plan was, leaving it up to the Holy Spirit to execute it for us. And just to ensure that we made it fair, we entered this realm with free will.


Free will enables us to choose to learn the lessons we had set forth for ourselves, or to ignore them. Free will enables us to pick and choose which lessons we learn.


What does becoming a Coworker with God mean? We came here to learn compassion, grace, non-attachment, and love for others. Our goal for being here was to grow spiritually to where we can realize God’s love within us and let it flow out to others.


Helping others is working with God. Showing compassion to the other souls here rather than judging and condemning them is a part of working with God too. But another part of being a Coworker with God that many of us rarely consider is allowing others to help us.


Most of us struggle with asking for help when we desperately need it. We hesitate to bother others with our needs. We fail to credit others with the right to say “No” to us if they cannot fulfill our needs. Or we are too proud to ask.


What we sometimes fail to realize is that allowing others to minister to us is also a form of being a Coworker with God. If we can gracefully and lovingly accept help when we need it, we are assisting the persons offering us help to move forward in their purpose of becoming Coworkers with God.


May the God of Love add a blessing to these humble words.


© 2015 Rev. S. Suzanne Fisher

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