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Butterfly - the symbol of hope and new beginnings




Weekly Message



I AM a soul having a human experience designed to test me, try me, and teach me.


I AM a spark of God manifested here on Earth for a unique purpose only I can fulfill.


I AM filled with the Holy Spirit, and I allow it to flow forth from me to everyone who enters my life.


I AM at peace with myself and others as I choose to detach from other people’s drama and games.


I AM connected with all other beings on this planet, and I realize that what I do affects them just as it affects me.


I AM greater than the worries, fears, and cares that sometimes occupy my mind for these are mere distractions used to keep me tied to the physical self and unaware of soul as my true being.


I AM a source of love and joy – this is my heritage.


I AM an anchor God can use to anchor love here on this earthly plane.


I AM a being of light, and as Soul I will clear my channels to let my light shine out to everyone.


I AM here for a purpose that will manifest and become clear as I learn more and more each day to let Spirit guide and direct my life.


I AM an important part of the great I AM that is God, but I am also only one small molecule in the Ocean of Love and Mercy.


May the God of love add a blessing to these humble words.
© 2014 Rev. S. Suzanne Fisher