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Butterfly - the symbol of hope and new beginnings




Weekly Message

Seeing Soul


Can you see me? I am a soul that has manifested in physical form on Earth. I am your neighbor, your friend, your employer, the grocery store clerk, the toll attendant.


I am the criminal, the pipefitter, the landlord, the homeless person. I am the rock star, your favorite actor, the Pope, the president. I am a baby crying,† a teenager texting, a parent. I am all of these things and I am none of these things. They are merely personas I have assumed in order to grow.


We came from the same place, you and I, and we are here for the same reasons, to perfect ourselves, to learn how to serve God, and to find our way back home to God. We are individual sparks of God sent here to grow.


We are separate and we are connected. Human consciousness separates us into ourselves. We are us and all others are them. Godís consciousness connects us. We are part of a whole that is the great I AM.


When we look at others, we usually see the human part of them. We interact with their human part, and we rarely call forth their real aspect, that of soul. Our vision is limited in this fashion until we learn to expand our consciousness and see ourselves as we truly are, souls having a human experience rather than humans possessing a soul.


When we connect with who we truly are, we can better connect with God, and we can see others for their true selves instead of the limited personas they show us.


Can you see me? I am a soul.


May the God of love add a blessing to these humble words.
© 2014 Rev. S. Suzanne Fisher