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Weekly Message

What is Truth?


Author Deepak Chopra said, “Walk with those seeking truth…Run from those who think they’ve found it.”


We each find our own truth when we connect with our inner guide. We find spiritual nourishment where we are guided to find it, and others do the same.


The same truth that nourishes and frees us may not have the same effect on others, though, because they may not be in the same state of consciousness we are. Our journeys have evolved over many lifetimes, with many lessons, and we have each arrived at a specific point in this lifetime with certain lessons to learn and truths to discover.


Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius said, “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” What is important for each of us is determining the truth as it relates to us from what we hear and what we see. We need not be constrained to accept the truths of others if they do not resonate with us.


Nor is it our right or our responsibility to insist that others view our truth as the final answer. When we share our truth with someone it needs to be done from the perspective of “This is who I am” or “this is what I have learned is valid for me” rather than “This is what I believe and you need to believe it too.”


Others are souls on this earthly journey just as we are, and (when they forgo their free will) their journeys are guided by the Holy Spirit, just as ours are.


We will each find the truth that is valid for us if we are open to learning it.


May the God of love add a blessing to these humble words.

© 2014 Rev. S. Suzanne Fisher