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Weekly Message

Choosing Our Destiny


John C. Maxwell, author, speaker and minister said, “The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That's the day we truly grow up.”


When we accept responsibility for our attitudes, beliefs, and actions, we become truly free. This is not to say that we fail to hold other people accountable for their words and actions. It merely means that we accept responsibility for how we feel about what others do and say.


When we free ourselves in this manner, we are able to recognize that we have choices. We can choose how we feel about the events in our lives, and we can decide how to act accordingly.


When someone treats us poorly, we can use “I” statements to share how we feel about the poor treatment. Then, having expressed our true feelings in a healthy manner, we are then free to decide whether we want to give the person an opportunity to treat us better. We always have choices,


In any given situation we have at least seven choices. They may not all be the best choice, but thinking them through to arrive at our selected choice can keep us from feeling boxed in. We need never get in a situation where we feel we have no options or only one option.


When we take charge of ourselves in this manner we also take charge of our destiny.

May the God of love add a blessing to these humble words.

© 2014 Rev. S. Suzanne Fisher