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Butterfly - the symbol of hope and new beginnings





Contemporary version of the Lordís Prayer

Our Creator, who is in everything that surrounds us,

we honor and revere you.

We look forward to coming Home,

and we ask that Your will not ours

be done on earth as it is at home with You.

Thank you for meeting our daily needs.

Please forgive us when we err,

and help us to forgive others whose errors cause us pain.

Help us to avoid temptations that would pull us off center

or situations that would make us forget that You are our center.

For You live in all of us,

and we pray for Your help in letting

Your love shine through us to others.


A beautiful calligraphy print of this prayer (see below)

with a gorgeous background

is available from artist Jennifer Yane.

Jenniferís art can be seen at her web site