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Weekly Message



Sometimes, no matter how much we want to move forward in our lives, we seem to have one shoe nailed to the floor. Oftentimes we do not even realize what is holding us back. Some of us even blame others for our inability to move forward.


But if we search out the reason for our inability to achieve the success we desire in our lives, the reason always comes back to us, our beliefs, what we have been told about ourselves, our values, and our level of awareness. We are the architects of our future. We are the builders of our dreams.


We created whatever karma is playing out in our lives either in this lifetime or a preceding one. Therefore it is up to us to take responsibility for our actions and work daily to change the direction of our lives.


Take Joe for instance. Joe wants to be a Life Coach, but he cannot seem to find the time to train to be a Life Coach. His time is filled with work, family responsibilities, and seemingly endless duties in which he has involved himself.


Joe would find being a Life Coach much more fulfilling than his current job, but being a Life Coach remains a dream. What is holding Joe back? Could it be what his father used to tell him when he was a child, “You could never run a business, you cannot even keep your room straight.”


Could Joe be reminded of his mother’s attempts at bringing in extra money for her family by unsuccessfully selling Avon and a variety of other multilevel marketing products? Is it possible that Joe failed at running a business in a prior life? Or, could messages from his religion have told Joe that he is unworthy?


Whatever the reason Joe has not accessed his dream, Joe is so wrapped in fear that he has nailed one of his shoes to the floor. In order for him to remove the nail and succeed, he must first identify the root cause of his fear, process it and release it. Then he must envision himself as a successful Life Coach and be willing to work toward becoming one.


God wants us to succeed, to realize our dreams, especially our dreams of helping others. But for us to become successful at fulfilling our dreams, we first have to believe that:

1. We are worthy of achieving our success.

2. We have no fear of being successful.

3. Being successful will validate God’s version of us and no one else’s.

4. We deserve to be successful.



May the God of love add a blessing to these humble words.

© 2014 Rev. S. Suzanne Fisher