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Weekly Message

Send Love


What do you do when you cannot stop thinking about a wrong someone has inflicted on you? How about when someone has caused you hurt or pain and you cannot get that person out of your mind?


Occasionally most of us get into obsessive thinking about injustices, whether done to us or to others. Someone hurts us or one of our loved ones, and like picking at a sore, we have to go over it and over it.


We are not yet ready to forgive either the other person or ourselves for what happened, so we review what happened in our minds. We do this for any one of many reasons. We need to impress upon ourselves just how egregious the hurt was. Or we need to feel sorry for ourselves. Or we need to draw boundaries that allow us to protect ourselves and keep us from being hurt again.


Whatever the reason, there comes a time when, for our own sanity, we need to let it go. This is sometimes easier said than done once we have attached ourselves to an issue or problem.


But there is one incredibly effective way we can detach ourselves from the problem. Whenever we begin to think about the problem, we simply need to send the other person involved love. This is done by catching ourselves in the act of overthinking something, or obsessing about something, and forcing ourselves to send love.


Love is what created us. Love is what binds us one to another. Love is the language of Soul. Love is Godís gift to us Ė we exist because God loves us. Love is the most powerful form of energy in the universe.


If we allow love to replace our negative thoughts, we empower ourselves. We create a situation where we can detach from whatever is bothering us. We replace anger, hatred, frustration, and pain with love.


How do we send love? We simply close our eyes and allow love to fill our being. Divine love is always right there waiting to suffuse us with Godís love. Then we project that love to the object of our negativity. Whenever we are stuck, we send love.


May the God of Love add a blessing to these humble words.


© 2015 Rev. S. Suzanne Fisher