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Weekly Message

Ears to Hear


Sri Harold Klemp said in his book, The Language of Soul, “Sometimes the Holy Spirit may work in a gentle way. It may give you just a nudge, a feeling of how to act, what to do, which dentist to go see—something right down to earth.”


And sometimes the Holy Spirit shouts at us. But if we do not have ‘ears to hear’, we may completely miss the message.


We often become so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to tune into our inner guide. We call this inner guide by many names, but regardless of whatever name we use, it is the Holy Spirit that is guiding and directing our lives – when we allow it to do so.


How can we tune in to our inner guide? How can we develop ‘ears to hear’? Buddha said that we humans have ‘monkey minds’. By this he meant that our human consciousness is agitated, easily distracted and incessantly moving. It jumps from one thought to another just as a monkey jumps from tree to tree.


Sometimes our minds are racing so fast we can barely keep up with them. Even when we focus on the task at hand, our thoughts are elsewhere as our minds gallop though our memories and whatever distractions are around us.


We want to turn our lives over to God, we want to be guided by the Holy Spirit, and we want to find answers, truth, and direction. Yet our monkey minds keep diverting us from this pathway. Why is this?


Why do we sabotage ourselves in this manner? Could the answer lie in our beliefs? Do we deep down in our innermost being believe with all our hearts and minds in a power greater than ourselves? Do we believe this power is all-knowing and all-loving, and willing and able to guide us?


Or have we been on our own making our way through the world for so long that we do not fully trust a power outside of ourselves to be in charge of our lives? We pay lip service to a belief in God and the Holy Spirit, but do we really, really believe in them?


Do we want ‘ears to hear’ or do we want to continue on our own?


May the God of Love add a blessing to these humble words.


© 2015 Rev. S. Suzanne Fisher