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Weekly Message

Say Nothing


When you have nothing to say, say nothing. Offering up meaningless words to fill empty spaces only places a barrier between us and others. Talking to hear ourselves talk, or because we are nervous and feel we must say something, is a waste of everyone’s time and energy.


When we speak, let it have meaning. Let it come from our hearts and not our heads. Let our words caress the ears of our listeners, and touch their inner beings with love. Even in trying times, let us remember we are one spark of God talking to another spark of God.


Let us allow Divine love to flow through us and enhance every communication. Even the most mundane conversations become exalted when we channel God’s love to others.


And when we connect with others, let us share some or all of who we are with them rather than hiding our essence. Let every encounter be meaningful.


Each connection we make on our journey through life is an opportunity for us to grow. Each encounter contains lessons for us. Life is not a random walk.


Our lives have meaning in each and every moment – but only if we allow them to do so. We have to be open to learning and growing. We have to be willing to forgo judgments, criticisms, name-calling, and other negative forms of communication.


We have to be willing to learn to think, speak and act in love toward others. And we have nothing to say we have to be willing to say nothing and let silence exist.


May the God of Love add a blessing to these humble words.


© 2015 Rev. S. Suzanne Fisher

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